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Home Style Kitchen & Bedroom Specialists was formed in 2010 by Father and son team, Paul and John O’Hara.

The O’Hara family men traditionally worked at the well known Cochrane’s shipyard in Selby, Paul followed this tradition, fourth generation and trained as a Joiner and Cabinet maker, attending Selby College of Shipbuilding for Four years, learning all of the old skills necessary to produce the hand built solid wood furniture and fittings on the quality ships that was built on the banks of the river Ouse in Selby.

A local firm JP David’s in Selby asked Paul if he would come and work for them as they were setting up the first ever fitted kitchen showroom in Selby and wanted a quality craftsman to fit the German kitchens they were going to supply, at 22 years old he left the Shipyard and set about learning how to fit kitchens, he really enjoyed the work and completed many of the first fully fitted kitchens ever installed in Selby homes, this gave him the desire to go on and start out on his own.

In 1984 he set up the well known Selby Kitchen and Bedroom Company,

Home Care Selby Ltd, which over the years built up to be one of the largest private kitchen retailers in the Country. The company was sold on to another retail group in 2006, during this time Paul’s company Home Care Selby Ltd, fitted hundreds of quality kitchens and Bedrooms throughout Yorkshire winning many awards for sales achievements, design and quality of workmanship.

John O’Hara had always wanted to follow in his Dads footsteps and had aspirations to one day take over the family business, as a young lad about to leave School and jobs very hard to come by, he asked his Dad Paul if he could join the business, Paul’s advice was to go and learn a trade first as a joiner, then when you are older, wiser and have got the skills, come back and ask me again. John knew what to do, he contacted a family cousin Michael O’Hara, who is a well known local quality Joinery contractor and asked him if he would take him on as an apprentice Joiner, thus the family tradition carried on because Michael had also served his apprenticeship at  Cochrane’s shipyard, John learnt the traditional Joinery skills and  completed his apprenticeship gaining his qualifications in Joinery at York College, John went on to work for a major Shop fitting company and work all over the Country, completing many high class Joinery jobs at such places as Heathrow Airport in London.

John still had the desire to work with his Dad Paul and in 2010 approached him with the idea of starting a business together supplying and installing quality fitted kitchens and Bedrooms, Paul was really pleased and proud that his son wanted to work with him doing what he loved best, the fitted kitchen and Bedroom business.

Together they found a small shop on Church Hill, Selby and converted it from top to bottom into a showroom with three kitchen and three Bedroom displays, where wife and Mum Jean can show you the quality of the products and workmanship the family can offer you.

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See some of the ranges we offer and their prices
All our kitchens are custom-designed to fit your needs and budget by an experienced team

See our ranges


See some of the ranges we offer and their prices
See what our stunning bedrooms can offer you if you’re thinking of redesigning your bedroom.

We have our own expert craftsman that have over 30 years of experience in fitting kitchens and bedrooms in Selby to the highest standard. We not only pride ourselves on our value for money but also the end result.